Inmates speak out on internet

A CONVICTED armed robber turned rap singer has published the first of a series of internet blogs by prisoners currently serving time in NSW jails.

David Parsons – known in the hip-hop scene as rapper “Big Dave” – is running the blogs to give inmates “a voice outside of the prison walls”.

Parsons, 28, who was released from Long Bay jail in 2005 after serving two-and-a-half years for armed robbery, is publishing the blogs on the website of his record label, KPR.

“Prisoners feel as if they are not part of the community, and they have no voice,” Parsons said. “With the blogs they can voice their concerns about things that happen in prison.”

The label’s website features a blog from a prisoner at Parklea prison. A second blog, from a man serving 10 years for murder in Cessnock jail, is planned.

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