Escape attempt by two inmates foiled

Two perilous inmates jumped out of a running police vehicle after cutting its iron bars, at Adiala Road Thursday evening. The escorting police, however, arrested them after a long chase, police said, adding a police official hurt during the hunting of the accused.

Two inmates – Tahir Mehmood (involved in killing of his father) and Muhammad Faazal (involved in 5 armed dacoities) – were being taken back, after producing them before the Tehsil Court Kahuta, in a police van (00632) Thursday evening when both the criminals jumped out of the moving vehicle near village Vahgal and escaped into the village.

The police personnel – Constables Ghazanfar Ali, Jamshed Qadir, Asad Mehmood, Fayyaz Hussain and Hassan Raza – escorting the van, also jumped out of the van and started chasing them, police said.

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