20 years in prison

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) -The woman who killed a man on the Causeway Bridge when she had been driving drunk has been sentenced to 20 years in prison. Olivia Matte took the stand before sentencing and gave an emotional apology to the family in a tear filled church. The judge sentenced the 28-year-old Thursday afternoon at … Read more

The passenger killed in Friday’s early morning vehicle crash in Shasta County has been identified.

The wreck was originally supported by law enforcement to have happened in Anderson, but the newest press release states it was in Cottonwood. California Highway Patrol officials state 27 year old Alexander Kirby lost control of his vehicle on Balls Ferry Road in Cottonwood early Friday morning, hitting a fence and a phone pole. The … Read more

Miami jail inmate’s treatment questioned

A diabetic jail inmate died after being left alone and covered in his own feces for a week, said his attorney, who accused officials of failing to get medical treatment for him despite knowing of his condition.

Rodolfo Ramos, who was awaiting trial on kidnapping charges, died April 14 at a hospital, and pictures at a news conference showed his body covered by some type of bite. He was taken to the hospital March 25 from his solitary cell, where he had been for several days.

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Talk that inmate’s heart could beat after jolt enters debate over …

LINCOLN, Neb. (AP) – The state’s new method of electrocution, a single, sustained jolt instead of several shorter ones, could leave the condemned’s heart beating well after the shock, backers and foes of the protocol say.

The macabre image of a strapped-down inmate, possibly brain dead but with a pulsating heart, could sharpen an already tense debate as Nebraska, the only state with the electric chair as its sole means of execution, prepares to put to death its first prisoner in a decade.

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