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FCI Oakdale II in Louisiana – Inmate.
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Prisoner Petitions – Louisiana (LA) Inmate List

Petition Search from February 6, 1970 to November 29, 2023

A(1199 rec) B(729 rec) C(1516 rec) D(1737 rec) E(647 rec) F(322 rec) G(556 rec) H(330 rec) I(117 rec) J(2427 rec) K(718 rec) L(817 rec) M(1163 rec) N(224 rec) O(117 rec) P(421 rec) Q(66 rec) R(1585 rec) S(750 rec) T(1102 rec) U(18 rec) V(131 rec) W(544 rec) X(8 rec) Y(19 rec) Z(29 rec)
Respondent Name
Defendant Name
Filed, Nature of Suit, Judge
Xavier Johnson -
Judge Richard L Bourgeois
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Darrel Roan Filed: January 14, 2019
Habeas Corpus (General)
Referring Judge Brian A Jackson
Xuan Lan Dang -
Judge James D Kirk
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Ask-Carlson, Eric Holder, Paula A Wolff Filed: January 07, 2013
Habeas Corpus (General)
§28:2241 Petition for Writ
Xavier L Green -
Judge Dee D Drell
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USA Filed: October 28, 2016
Motions to Vacate Sentence
Xavier Ward -
Judge Robert G James
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Andy Brown, Marvin Denton, Billy Tigner Filed: April 05, 2011
Prison Condition
Xu Xiaolong -
Judge Richard T Haik
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Brian Blanchard, Loretta Lynch, David Rivera, Jeh Johnson Filed: August 14, 2015
Xavier Rehm -
Judge Terry A Doughty
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David Callender, Kevin Wyles, Clay Bennett, Cpt Wheat, Major Hatten Filed: August 07, 2020
Prisoner Petitions: Prison Condition
Referring Judge Karen L Hayes
jury demanded by Plaintiff
Xavier Edmond -
Judge James D Cain
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Lafayette Parish Correctional Center, Joshua Haddad Filed: November 06, 2020
Prisoner Petitions: Civil Rights
Referring Judge Patrick J Hanna
Xavier Briggs -
Feb 10, 2022
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Deputy Ruffin, Deputy Small, Steve Prator Filed: February 10, 2022
Prisoner Petitions: Civil Rights
§42 U.S.C. § 1983

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