Prisoner Petitions – Georgia (GA)

Georgia Prisoner Petitions Cases Civil Rights, Death Penalty, General Mandamus and Other, Motions to Vacate Sentence, Prison Condition, Prisoner Petitions: Civil Detainee: Conditions of Confinement. Prison in Atlanta, Georgia SOUTHEAST REGIONAL OFFICE CI MCRAE Federal prison FCI JESUP   Find an inmate. CI D. RAY JAMES Find an inmate

Prisoner Petitions – North Carolina (NC)

North Carolina Prisoner Petitions Cases filed in North Carolina. In North Carolina, prisoner petitions are legal requests submitted by inmates to address a variety of concerns, including but not limited to:Parole Eligibility, Civil Rights Violations, Habeas Corpus, Sentence Appeals, Conditions of Confinement. North Carolina Inmate Search To provide transparency and access to information, the NCDPS offers an … Read more

Prisoner Petitions – Maryland (MD)

Types of prisoner petitions: Habeas corpu. The government is accountable to the courts for a person’s imprisonment. Civil rights. The amendment prohibits the States from “depriv[ing] any person of life, liberty, or property without due process of law.” Mandamus. The writ of mandamus – like habeas corpus – is an extraordinary remedy based in common … Read more

Prisoner Petitions – Kansas (KS)

The RRM Kansas City is a low-security prison in Kansas City, Kansas. The following table reflects the filings of federal prisoner petitions in all the District of Kansas View Inmates Court, Arrest Info, Sentencing, Incarceration Details & More. Uncover Any Inmate’s Info From Any Device. 2012 Kansas Statutes Chapter 60 PROCEDURE, CIVIL Article 15 HABEAS … Read more

Prisoner Petitions – California (CA)

In California, anyone who is in prison, or otherwise restrained in some way by the criminal justice system, can bring a writ of habeas corpus petition to challenge their imprisonment. The right to do this is guaranteed by the California Constitution. California Federal prisons and prisoner list. California Inmate Locator Browse through the petitions on … Read more

Prisoner Petitions – Iowa (IA)

View Iowa Prison Court, arrest information, sentences, detention details, and more. Disclose the information of any prisoner from any device. 100% secure search. The database is updated daily. Free preliminary search. Instant reports. Prisoner Forms Application to Proceed in District Court Without Prepaying Fees or Costs (AO 240) Certificate of Inmate Account and Assets Motion … Read more