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Prisoner Petitions – South Carolina (SC) Inmate List
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Filed, Nature of Suit, Judge
Benjamin Wayne Gosnell
Gregory Washington, Capt. Devin Carter, Lt. C/O Miracle Anderson, Wali Khan Filed: Jul 10, 2020
# 2:2020cv02577 -
Prison:Prison Condition §42:1983pr
Judge: Mary Gordon Baker, Sherri A Lydon,
jury demanded by Plaintiff
Brian L Glidden
Ted Smith, Scarlett Wilson Filed: Jul 01, 2020
# 2:2020cv02506 -
Prisoner: Civil Rights §42:1983
Judge: Mary Gordon Baker, Richard M Gergel,
jury demanded by Plaintiff
Braeden Crocker
Todd Tucker Filed: Aug 25, 2020
# 4:2020cv03089 -
Prisoner: Civil Rights §42:1983
Judge: Sherri A Lydon, Kaymani D West
Brian L. Glidden
Scarlet Wilson, Ted Smith Filed: Aug 17, 2020
# 2:2020cv02973 -
Prisoner: Civil Rights §42:1983pr
Judge: Mary Gordon Baker, Richard M Gergel,
jury demanded by Plaintiff
Braylon Lamar Morris
Filed: Jul 31, 2020
# 6:2020cv02804 -
Prisoner: Civil Rights §42:1983
Judge: Jacquelyn D Austin, Donald C Coggins
Basil Moore
Nanette Barnes Filed: Sep 08, 2020
# 6:2020cv03218 -
Habeas Corpus (General) §28:2241
Judge: Sherri A Lydon, Kevin McDonald
Bilal A. Al-Haqq, Michael Dion McFadden
A/W Elaine Freeman, SGT. Michael Harris, A/W Joseph Canning, Capt. Valerie Thomas, Warden Evonne Willingham, Major Jonathan Williams, (DHO) Dedric Williams, (IGC) Jennifer Franklin Filed: Sep 10, 2020
# 1:2020cv03233 -
Prisoner: Civil Rights §42:1983
Judge: Donald C Coggins, Shiva V Hodges
Bruce Allen Buckner
RHPD Officer Kunde, RHPD Officer Terry Sanders, RHPD Officer Andrew Hems, RHPD Officer Robin Gander, RHPD Sergeant Carsto, Rock Hill Police Department Filed: Sep 11, 2020
# 0:2020cv03253 -
Prisoner: Civil Rights §42:1983
Judge: Shiva V Hodges, Terry L Wooten

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