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Prisoner Petitions – Oklahoma (OK) Inmate List
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Filed, Nature of Suit, Judge
LaTray Collins
Mike Burges Filed: Apr 13, 2007
# 5:2007cv00431 -
Prisoner: Civil Rights §42:1983 Prisoner Civil Ri
Judge: David L. Russell
Larry Lee Lemay
Bill Winchester, Misty Taylor Filed: Apr 05, 2007
# 5:2007cv00401 -
Prisoner: Civil Rights §42:1983 Prisoner Civil Ri
Judge: Joe Heaton,
jury demanded by Defendant
Lawrence Ray May
Mike Addison Filed: Mar 29, 2007
# 5:2007cv00367 -
Habeas Corpus (General) §28:2254 Petition for Writ
Judge: Lee R. West
Levi McRae Luginbyhl
USA, Tulsa County Sheriff's Department, United States Postal Service, David Moss Criminal Justice Center Filed: Mar 15, 2007
# 4:2007cv00162 -
Prisoner: Civil Rights §42:1983 Prisoner Civil Ri
Judge: Terence Kern
Leotis Herbert Hall
Walter Dinwiddie Filed: Mar 06, 2007
# 4:2007cv00142 -
Habeas Corpus (General) §28:2254 Petition for Writ
Judge: Sam A Joyner
Larry Charles Barnes
Randall Workman Filed: Feb 16, 2007
# 4:2007cv00108 -
Habeas Corpus (General) §28:2254 Petition for Writ
Judge: Gregory K Frizzell
Latron Nitchell Jolly
United States of America Filed: Jan 25, 2007
# 6:2007cv00029 -
Prisoner: Vacate Sentence §28:2255 Motion to Vacate
Judge: James H. Payne
Lawrence D Railback‚ Jr.
L L Young, Oklahoma County of, James L Saffle, Oklahoma State of Filed: Oct 10, 2000
# 5:2000cv01740 -
General §28:2254
Judge: Tim Leonard
Lee Roy Anderson
Carl Bear Filed: Jul 15, 2015
# 6:2015cv00267 -
General §28:2254
Judge: Frank H. Seay
Lawrence L Mayes
Janet Dowling Filed: May 22, 2020
# 5:2020cv00480 -
Habeas Corpus (General) §28:2241
Judge: Robin J Cauthron, Suzanne Mitchell
Lavonte Antony'o Johnson
Oklahoma State of Filed: May 20, 2020
# 5:2020cv00468 -
Habeas Corpus (General) §28:2254
Judge: Bernard Jones, Gary M Purcell
Louis Douglas Craft‚ Jr.
Richard Phillips, David Collins, Stephanie Collins Filed: Mar 09, 2020
# 5:2020cv00213 -
Mandamus & Other §42:1983
Judge: Shon T Erwin, David L Russell
Lloyd Wayne Tillman
Jessica Ellison, FNU LNU, FNU Belton, Jason Barber Filed: Mar 02, 2020
# 5:2020cv00190 -
Prisoner Petitions - Prison Conditions §42:1983
Judge: Timothy D DeGiusti, Gary M Purcell
Le'Ray Eugene Richards
United States of America Filed: Feb 24, 2020
# 5:2020cv00165 -
Prisoner: Vacate Sentence §28:2255
Judge: Joe Heaton
Leray Richards, Le'Ray Eugene Richards
J Corley Filed: Dec 23, 2019
# 5:2019cv01184 -
Prisoner: Civil Rights §42:1983
Judge: Joe Heaton, Suzanne Mitchell
Levi McRae Luginbyhl
The, State of Oklahoma, Tulsa Prosecutors Tulsa Office, County District Court of Oklahoma Filed: Aug 30, 2019
# 4:2019cv00478 -
Prisoner: Civil Rights §42:1983
Judge: John E Dowdell, Frank H McCarthy
Levi McRae Luginbyhl
Randy Harding, Tulsa County District Court, of Diana Collins, State Oklahoma, Janet Dowling Filed: Aug 30, 2019
# 4:2019cv00477 -
Prisoner: Civil Rights §42:1983
Judge: John E Dowdell, Frank H McCarthy
Lee A Loggins
Bob Moore Filed: Jul 22, 2019
# 5:2019cv00667 -
Mandamus & Other §42:1983
Judge: Joe Heaton, Suzanne Mitchell
Lonnie Bernard Davis
Federal Bureau of Prisons, FNU Shaffer, John D Doe, Holston Filed: Jun 16, 2020
# 5:2020cv00575 -
Prisoner: Civil Rights §42:1983
Judge: Robin J Cauthron, Gary M Purcell
Lamone M Johnson, Marylin Monae Porter
JHCC Luke Pettigrew, Interim Warden, Leo Brown, A Monden Filed: Aug 04, 2020
# 5:2020cv00764 -
Prisoner: Civil Rights §42:1983
Judge: Suzanne Mitchell, David L Russell
Luther Barnett
Oklahoma State of, United States of America, of Federal Bureau Prisons Filed: Aug 03, 2020
# 5:2020cv00757 -
Habeas Corpus (General) §28:2254
Judge: Jodi W Dishman, Shon T Erwin
Lucas C. Stonecipher
Mike Sinnett, John Christian, Others Unknown, Turnkey Health Filed: Aug 13, 2020
# 6:2020cv00278 -
Prisoner: Civil Rights §42:1983
Judge: John F Heil, Steven P Shreder

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