Terre Haute prison in Indiana

United States federal prison for male inmates in Indiana

The prison complex at Terre Haute is located about 70 miles west of Indianapolis. Three prison compounds are separated by their own boundaries, and they each confine offenders of their own security levels. At the Federal Prison Camp Terre Haute, minimum-security offenders, many of whom are serving time for white collar crimes, live within open boundaries. They provide much of the manpower to maintain the grounds of the two adjacent prisons.

FCI TERRE HAUTE Inmate List / Inmate Releases
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Email: THA/ExecAssistant@bop.gov
Phone: 812-238-1531
Fax: 812-238-3301
Inmate Gender: Male Offenders
1,274 Total Inmates
344 Inmates at the Camp
930 Inmates at the FCI
Judicial District: Southern Indiana
County: VIGO
BOP Region: North Central Region

Notable inmates (current and former)

Dennis Mahon
Serving a 40-year sentence; scheduled for release in 2044. White supremacist; convicted of conspiracy to damage buildings and property by means of explosive in 2012 for sending a mail bomb to the Office of Diversity and Dialogue in Scottsdale, Arizona in 2004, which injured two people.

Khalid Aldawsari
Serving a life sentence.
Saudi Arabian citizen and former Texas resident; convicted in 2012 of attempted use of a weapon of mass destruction for collecting bomb-making materials and researching possible targets, including the Dallas home of former President George W. Bush.

Wali Khan Amin Shah
Detained since 1995; scheduled for release in 2022.
Participant in the foiled Bojinka plot.
Hysen Sherifi
Serving a life sentence.
Member of the Raleigh jihad group; convicted in 2011 of terrorism conspiracy; convicted in 2013 plotting to kill six witnesses who had testified against him at his 2011 trial.

Hosam Smadi
Serving a 24-year sentence; scheduled for release in 2030.
Pleaded guilty in 2010 to the attempted use of a weapon of mass destruction for plotting to destroy the 60-story Fountain Place office building in Dallas, Texas with a truck bomb in 2009.

Aldrich Ames
pleaded guilty in 1994 to espionage for passing classified information to the Soviet Union and later to Russia over a 9-year period; compromised more American spies than anyone in US history prior to Robert Hanssen.

George Ryan
Released from custody in July 2013; served 5 years.
Governor of Illinois from 1999 to 2003; convicted in 2006 of racketeering and fraud for awarding state contracts, including a $25 million IBM computer deal, to his political allies in exchange for hundreds of thousands of dollars’ worth of money and gifts.

Stewart Nozette
Serving a 13-year sentence; scheduled for release in 2021.
Planetary scientist and consultant to NASA and the US Department of Defense; pleaded guilty to attempted espionage for selling classified information to an FBI Agent posing as an Israeli Mossad operative.
James Ford Seale
Died in custody in 2011 while serving a life sentence. Former Ku Klux Klan member; convicted in 2007 of conspiracy and kidnapping charges for his role in the 1964 abduction and murder of two 19-year-old African-Americans, Henry Dee and Charles Moore.

Mufid Abdulqader
Serving a 20-year sentence; scheduled for release in 2026. Former Chief Fundraiser for the Holy Land Foundation, once the largest Islamic charity in the US; convicted in 2008 of providing material support for terrorism for funneling money to the terrorist organization Hamas. Four co-conspirators were also sentenced to prison.
Oscar Lopez Rivera
Released from custody in May 2017 after President Barack Obama commuted his 70-year sentence.
Leader of the Fuerzas Armadas de Liberación Nacional Puertorriqueña (FALN), a Puerto Rican militant group which carried out bombings in Chicago, Washington, DC, Newark, and Miami between 1974 and 1980.
Russell Wasendorf
Serving a 50-year sentence; scheduled for release in 2056
Peregrine Financial Group founder; pleaded guilty in 2012 to mail fraud, embezzlement and making false statements for stealing over $100 million from the clients over a 20-year period and falsifying documents to cover up the fraud.
Shaun Bridges
Due to release on 12/13/2022.
Former Secret Service Agent arrested for money laundering and obstruction of justice in relation to the Silk Road investigation. Later rearrested for another bitcoin heist and had two years added to his sentencing.
Matthew F. Hale
Serving a 40-year sentence, scheduled for release on 30 December 2037
Soliciting an undercover FBI informant to kill Judge Joan Lefkow. It was held at USP Florence ADMAX, but was transferred to FCI Terre Haute in 2016.
Rajinder Sachdeva
Due to release on 15 January 2020.
Receiving nearly $300,000 in kickbacks from IT contractors while working as a department manager at Pace.

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