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In life, there is nothing more important than our loved ones, the people we take care of, the people whom we have shared our moments together with. There is no other treasure that could be of highest importance than the life of a human being, the people, the man or the woman.

Yet, in life, there are many circumstances we can never expect to happen. As what they say people we meet are only part of the many crossroads we take in life. They make come and go. And few only could decide to stay. There are also chances that they wanted to stay and so the time is the one that would never let them to. That is how paradox life is. Isn’t it?

One best example is the life story of one good friend of mine. Due to the demands of economy, she decided to marry early, thinking it would save her life from all the monetary problems she is into. But the problem is, she chose a man who has no work too. Thus, when they had a child, the husband decided to go and work abroad – in Oklohoma.

At first, things went fine and great. But suddenly, she lost communication with her husband. Last thing she knew, she was detained in Oklohama County Jail due to some unclear reasons we both did not know. And so, we need to talk to him to solve and clear out the things. But we both knew how hard it could be especially on money matters. But the first she asked me personally is to know if it was true and if what the condition of her husband is then. That gave me really big problem. My friend is weak, thus she could not afford any abroad travels.

But my problem was given light when I knew about the Oklahoma County Jail Inmate Search. This is actually an online search for the inmates detained in the said jail. Thus, you do not have to be so much worried of confirming the list of inmates in the said jail since the online search is made available and accessible already in the web. With the help of the new technology of today, we were able to search and determine the situation of her husband in Oklohama. And we are also glad to know that we did not found him on the list. Yet many speculations came into our minds. So we tried the confirmation through contacting the jail Home. Good to know, he was never been on the list. So we prayed for more enlightenment. Few days passed by, tears and fears started eating our hearts, then she received a phone call from her husband stating he was coming home for a surprise. It ended all the agony.

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