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Federal Bureau of Prisons FCI Danbury
A low security federal correctional institution with an adjacent low security satellite prison and a minimum security satellite camp.
phone: 203-743-6471
fax: 203-312-5110

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Danbury is a low-security federal correctional institution (FCI further) located in judicial district of Connecticut, Fairfield County.
There are 1075 male and female inmates serving their lifes in Danbury FCI.

Using the database one can easily find information about one of those inmates and anyone can conduct the FCI Danbury inmate lookup. The information which can be assessed using the database includes the FCI Danbury inmate mailing address and the FCI Danbury inmate phone number in addition to other personal information.

In order to visit an inmate located in the Danbury federal correctional institution, you should follow several steps. First of all, conduct an inmate lookup using the database and confirm that the inmate is actually serving life in the FCI Danbury and any other information about him/her.

The next step is to get registered in the inmate’s approved visiting list. Here, you should pay special attention to the list of approved visitors, which includes family members and relatives, no more than 10 friends and associates, former employers, etc.

Thirdly, get informed about all the rules of the facility with regards to visiting an inmate. For example, there are specific regulations on the dress code, duration, behavior and physical contact.

The FCI Danbury visiting dress code implies that the clothing your clothing should be appropriate. You should take into consideration what kind of institution you are visiting and try to avoid provocative elements in your clothing like see-through elements or low-cut dresses. In addition, the visiting person’s clothing should not look like an inmate’s clothing, so that it will be easy to identify you as a visitor when you will be speaking to an inmate.

The FCI Danbury can impose its own regulations on visiting duration in order to avoid overcrowding and enhance security at the facility. But you should know that inmate generally has a right for 4 visiting hours monthly, which can be extended by the FCI Danbury.


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