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California jail inmate license records as well as other vital records.
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Use the easy search form below to view all the jail inmate records across the county and cities of California.
There are thousands of prison inmate records to be found for California, all easily available.
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An inmate in California has tested positive for coronavirus, making them the first Covid-19 patient within the state’s prison system.

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    • Gayla collins this is one of adron friends. I’ve been trying to get in touch with him for years can u please contact me back my name is Ricky

    • You are retarted (alandro leevoy dimry) has never been to prison. The sanbernardino California parole office has a signed declaration signed by current parole officer’s under the penalty of perjury. Alandro leevoy dimry has brown eyes the sanbernardino California parole office has a signed declaration with a current parolee with ( black eyes).

  1. This is one of his best friends, Jacksonlee. I got my account @delusionalthomas deleted by Instagram for some fed shit I was poking around with, my new account is @jchancellor97 please have Aaron call me #3219870852 or email me @ Love you brother, gonna put some money in your commissary. Hope all is well. If you are in his family and happen to see this, please let Aaron know this information and feel free to contact me if Aaron needs anything. I view him like a brother. Thank you for your time to whoever reads this. We all just want our guy home!

  2. I’m not sure if this message gets to you but I was looking for Adaryll Ryan Weaver ? If this message reaches him 916-694-7425 is my number I would love to hear from you !! I miss you !!!


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