Prison in California | USP ATWATER

The United States Penitentiary, Atwater is a high-security United States federal prison for male inmates in California. The institution also includes a minimum-security satellite camp. It is operated by the Federal Bureau of Prisons, a division of the United States Department of Justice.
A high security U.S. penitentiary with an adjacent minimum security satellite camp.

List of Federal prisoners in California

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Prison in California | USP ATWATER Inmate List
Inmate Name Bop ID Age Race Sex Release Date
Weylin O Rodriguez
More Information...
56319-018 35 Black Male LIFE
Wilbert Ard
More Information...
17439-111 32 Black Male 03/11/2016
Wilbert Mckreith
More Information...
14398-050 60 Black Male 02/06/2084
Wilfredo Gonzalez - Sanchez
More Information...
09112-000 56 White Male 03/08/2005
Wilfredo Quezada - Hernandez
More Information...
19515-023 33 White Male UNKNOWN
Wilibaldo Martinez - Vivanco
More Information...
34324-044 40 White Male 12/02/2024
Will Jovani Guardado
More Information...
19917-085 28 White Male 06/12/2020
Willard Santos
More Information...
82236-054 69 White Male LIFE
William Allen Cox
More Information...
32163-013 38 Black Male 10/16/2015
William Anthony Moore
More Information...
12175-097 50 Black Male 04/20/2015
William Artel Miles
More Information...
10588-112 45 Black Male 09/08/2017
William Carlos Seiler
More Information...
20233-044 56 White Male 10/06/2004
William Curtis
More Information...
05512-027 44 Black Male LIFE
William David Thurston
More Information...
72450-097 30 Black Male 09/30/2019
William Faison
More Information...
42297-007 29 Black Male 09/04/2033
William Ford
More Information...
46084-424 39 Black Male LIFE
William H Ziering
More Information...
60669-097 89 White Male 12/30/2002
William Harrison Gray
More Information...
90736-011 74 White Male 03/28/2008
William Joseph Johnson
More Information...
24018-057 39 Black Male 09/14/2011
William Joseph O'donnell
More Information...
85713-011 89 White Male 03/07/2003
William Michalowski
More Information...
08619-068 37 White Male 09/22/2021
William R Jeffers
More Information...
31163-048 58 White Male 08/29/2003
William Wendell Smith
More Information...
39844-044 34 Black Male 02/07/2021
Williams Rodriguez - Aguilera
More Information...
72879-379 43 White Male 06/24/2015
Willie Cothran
More Information...
37107-013 33 Black Male 12/04/2014
Willie L Monroe
More Information...
60615-060 37 Black Male 09/17/2028
Willie L Wilkerson
More Information...
13476-089 37 Black Male 11/03/2022
Willie Leevater Earnest
More Information...
14429-111 42 Black Male 03/05/2012
Willie West
More Information...
08172-088 36 Black Male 05/19/2029
Willis A Center
More Information...
09207-073 37 American Indian Male 12/09/2024
Xavier Damon Washington
More Information...
37950-044 28 Black Male 09/18/2015
Yoany Oriel Serrano - Bejarano
More Information...
23153-208 34 White Male 02/09/2018
Yoni Gonzales
More Information...
42802-086 33 White Male 03/30/2015
Yujen Chen
More Information...
19284-111 63 Asian Male 11/25/2022
Zachariah Able Valdez
More Information...
25657-081 38 White Male 06/29/2021
Zay Forman
More Information...
71918-054 25 Black Male 08/10/2021
Zenon Simiano
More Information...
17492-085 37 White Male 04/12/2019
Zenon Tafolla
More Information...
20482-111 29 White Male 12/13/2016
Zoran Mihajlovic
More Information...
38092-048 68 White Male 11/03/2006

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Email: ATW/
Phone: 209-386-0257
Fax: 209-386-4635
Inmate Gender: Male Offenders
1,203 Total Inmates
1,097 Inmates at the USP
106 Inmates at the Camp
Judicial District: Eastern California
County: MERCED


Notable inmates

Michael Bentanti 07163-067
Serving a life sentence for kidnapping and robbery.
Along with his friend Brian Witham, they both kidnapped and threatened to blow up their victims if they refused to rob banks for them.
Jerry Whitworth  78095-011

Serving a 365-year sentence; eligible for parole on March 15, 2196
Former senior chief petty officer for the US Navy; convicted in 1986 of espionage for selling highly classified US Navy documents to the Soviet Union for $332,000; co-conspirator and former US Navy chief warrant officer John Anthony Walker testified against him.
Bobby Banks  20110-009
Serving a 55-year sentence; scheduled for release on March 13, 2054.
Leader of the Crips street gang in Little Rock, Arkansas; convicted in 2006 of conspiracy and drug trafficking for directing a large-scale crack-cocaine distribution operation; appeared in the 1993 HBO documentary Gang War: Bangin’ In Little Rock
Khalid Ali-M Aldawsari  42771-177
Now at USP Big Sandy
Saudi Arabian national convicted in 2012 of attempted use of a weapon of mass destruction by a US federal court.

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