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An administrative security federal medical center with an adjacent minimum security satellite camp. Prison in Lexington, Kentucky. The Federal Medical Center, Lexington is a United States federal prison in Kentucky for male or female inmates requiring medical or mental health care. It is designated as an administrative facility, which means that it holds inmates of all security classifications.

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Inmate Name Bop ID Age Race Sex Release Date
Zachery Riley
More Information...
22317-026 25 White Male 06/13/2027
Zaire M Young
More Information...
07405-027 43 Black Male 03/14/2006
Zarlene M Bryant
More Information...
24448-083 69 Black Female 05/30/1997
Zayda E Tarrat - Martele
More Information...
01358-179 78 White Female 02/24/1988
Zbigniew Poddubiuk
More Information...
15144-038 70 White Female 10/03/1986
Zena B Glover
More Information...
37919-019 54 Black Female 05/26/1994
Zena Karkaba
More Information...
50792-039 37 White Female 11/16/2015
Zena Lorae Prince
More Information...
08798-051 56 Black Female 09/09/1994
Zennica Pearson
More Information...
28955-054 67 Black Female 09/25/1991
Zenobia D Creek
More Information...
07492-000 68 Black Female 06/21/1991
Zhu Feng Zhang
More Information...
16987-050 58 Asian Female 06/17/1994
Zobeida Ferrara
More Information...
06394-004 73 White Female 03/02/1984
Zoila Tijero
More Information...
32542-004 59 White Female 08/08/1989
Zona Looks Twice
More Information...
13985-047 83 American Indian Female 02/25/1994
Zoraida Estrada
More Information...
28037-053 70 White Female 02/15/1991
Zoraida Sterling - Guadalupe
More Information...
06860-069 78 Black Female 10/26/1991
Zulema Gonzales
More Information...
06228-004 67 White Female 06/15/1983
Zulinda Mercedes Rodriguez
More Information...
21880-077 68 White Female 01/22/1993

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Email: LEX/
Phone: 859-255-6812
Fax: 859-253-8821
Inmate Gender: Male and Female Offenders
1,436 Total Inmates
1,202 Inmates at the FMC
234 Inmates at the Camp
Judicial District: Eastern Kentucky
BOP Region: Mid-Atlantic Region

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