FCI MCDOWELL Federal prison

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A medium security federal correctional institution with an adjacent minimum security satellite camp.

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FCI MCDOWELL Federal prison Inmate List
Inmate Name Bop ID Age Race Sex Release Date
Noah Sumter
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99267-071 38 Black Male 01/13/2027
Maximo Anastacio - Morales
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99366-379 36 White Male 05/03/2019
James R Mills
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99404-555 35 White Male 05/22/2012
Juan Francisc Gonzalez - Rodriguez
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99439-279 31 White Male 03/24/2014
Jose Alfredo Barrera Campos
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99468-179 41 White Male 12/28/2015
Fernando Ivan Llamas - Macias
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99510-279 28 White Male 06/30/2015
Rony Benjamin Menendez Aguilar
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99791-279 29 White Male 08/06/2014
Jose Mascareno - Rojas
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99896-008 37 White Male 11/29/2012

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WELCH, WV 24801
Email: MCD/ExecAssistant@bop.gov
Phone: 304-436-7300
Fax: 304-436-7318
Judicial District: Southern West Virginia
BOP Region: Mid-Atlantic Region
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  1. Good afternoon.

    I would like to know the postal address to write to my nephew, inmate Jonathan Jove-Hinkle.

    Please advise.
    Hector M. Jove


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