FCI JESUP   Find an inmate. A medium security federal correctional institution with an adjacent low security satellite prison and a minimum security satellite camp.

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Using the database one can easily find information about one of those inmates and anyone can conduct the FCI JESUP inmate lookup. The information which can be assessed using the database includes the FCI JESUP inmate mailing address and the FCI JESUP inmate phone number in addition to other personal information.
A medium security federal correctional institution with an adjacent low security satellite prison and a minimum security satellite camp.

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FCI JESUP Inmate List
Inmate Name Bop ID Age Race Sex Release Date
Abelardo Castillo - Ortegon
More Information...
70350-079 62 White Male 03/12/2010
Abel Verdecia
More Information...
93214-071 47 White Male 02/27/1998
Abel Noriega - Castillo
More Information...
15068-018 47 White Male 06/02/2003
Abel Holtz
More Information...
35450-019 84 White Male 04/12/1995
Abel Dada
More Information...
24130-038 66 Black Male 06/15/2006
Abdul Hadi Abdussalaam
More Information...
61549-066 47 Black Male 03/31/2022
Aarron L Huggins
More Information...
87921-071 51 Black Male 08/12/1999
Aaron V Hernandez
More Information...
71676-083 50 White Male 09/13/2013
Aaron Martinez
More Information...
18799-052 34 White Male 03/22/2037
Aaron Lynn Shaw
More Information...
56404-177 32 White Male 05/11/2022
Aaron Lamar Hollins
More Information...
49962-018 30 Black Male 05/04/2016
Aaron Gadson
More Information...
12530-028 43 Black Male 12/06/2018
Aaron Douglas Knill
More Information...
32544-037 41 White Male 11/30/2020
Aaron Didon
More Information...
69501-018 37 Black Male 06/03/2024
Aaron Devon Mckenzie
More Information...
40727-018 38 Black Male 11/09/2012

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JESUP, GA 31599
Email: JES/ExecAssistant@bop.gov
Phone: 912-427-0870
Fax: 912-427-1125
Inmate Gender: Male Offenders

2 thoughts on “FCI JESUP”

  1. My partner is an inmate at Miller County Jail.?
    i have searched and searched for a web page/ site where i could go and find my partners name on an inmate list, i must be doing something wrong as i am unable to find one for that jail, he had been held in Mobile County Jail , Alabama, there i was able to find an inmate list and could track him when he was transferred up to Texarkana.. please is there any chance that anyone might know of somewhere i could go to try and find him ? I have tried the Arkansas Department of Correction web site but it says it is unable to find a match, i know he is there as i write to him evey week and he calls me collect from there.He was sentenced on the 27th October but has been in there since the 23rd April.

  2. This man has never paid one cent for child support, but has certainly paid for many new rings for new women. Sadly he last bought his last one a 25,000 rock in front of our child, after not seeing him , supporting him, nothing. for 22yrs. If that didn’t kill me as it was, it certainly screwed up his son so much that no psychological export could fix that!


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