20 years in prison

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) -The woman who killed a man on the Causeway Bridge when she had been driving drunk has been sentenced to 20 years in prison.

Olivia Matte took the stand before sentencing and gave an emotional apology to the family in a tear filled church.

The judge sentenced the 28-year-old Thursday afternoon at a Jefferson Parish court.

Matte needed a blood alcohol level of .216 — almost 3 times the legal limit — after she slammed into James Blackmond’s pickup truck, sending him careening into the guardrail on the bridge.

The railing pierced the glass murdering Blackmond.

Matte was arrested, and it was her third DWI in only nine months.

Just before she was sentenced she took the stand and cried as she apologized to Blackmond’s family.

The passenger killed in Friday’s early morning vehicle crash in Shasta County has been identified.

The wreck was originally supported by law enforcement to have happened in Anderson, but the newest press release states it was in Cottonwood.

California Highway Patrol officials state 27 year old Alexander Kirby lost control of his vehicle on Balls Ferry Road in Cottonwood early Friday morning, hitting a fence and a phone pole. The passenger in the automobile, 22- year old Sean Kenneth Michael Binder of Redding, died after being thrown out of the car. Kirby, the driver, was arrested by the California Highway Patrol for felony DUI with an accident and vehicular manslaughter. According to a public information officer for the Shasta County Superior Court, there’s no court date set yet for Kirby, however, he is expected to appear on Tuesday. He is being held in the Shasta County Jail at $100,000 bond.

We are now learning more about a fatal crash in Anderson we told you about Friday morning.

We now know the title of the victim of the fatal crash. A drunken driving investigation has since been opened.

He would later die from his injuries.

The CHP reported the 27-year old-driver Alexander Kirby was heading north after he lost control on a curve and struck a tree, and a utility pole.

Officials state Kirby was driving at a high rate of speed in a 45-mile per hour zone.

Man sentenced to 15 years in prison for fatal drunk-driving crash which killed mother of 2

Daniel Mena was driving his pick-up truck the wrong-way when he struck Brenda Moreno’s vehicle in a head-on crash. His blood-alcohol content has been nearly 3 times the legal limit.

HOUSTON — A Houston man was sentenced to 15 years in prison for driving drunk and killing a mom headed home from her own birthday celebration.

Daniel Armando Mena, 22, was detained following a five-day trial. Along with the 15 decades, he had been fined $10,000.

The jurors were informed how Mena abandoned Diablo Loco Sports Bar, at about 2 a.m., after a long-day of drinking. Security cameras showed him inside the pub mocking make-believe field -sobriety tests and wobbling near pool tables.

Authorities said Mena was driving his pick-up truck that the wrong-way when he struck Brenda Moreno’s car in a head-on collision. The Harris County District Attorney’s Office said Mena’s blood-alcohol content was almost three times the legal limit.

Morena expired on the scene. Mena was uninjured.

“Brenda should be raising her young sons, not buried by them,” Harris County District Attorney Kim Ogg explained. “Daniel Mena chose to drink and then drive until he can kill an innocent mother in a wrong way mess,” Ogg continued. “Society will be safe from him while he serves his 15 decades.”

Morena was on her way home from an office party before the wreck.

During the trail, her husband, Ignacio Moreno, testified he waited to the early morning hours for his wife to return home. According to HCDAO, he left their boys using their grandma and drove along her expected route to search for her. He afterwards discovered Bellaire Police in the crash scene.

Mena had a DWI charge pending in the time of this crash. Jurors were told in court that he had duped authorities, so he would keep drinking and driving.

He lied by saying he no longer drove his truck so that he could possess a court-ordered ignition interlock device installed on another vehicle, which he didn’t use.

“This tragic loss of a beautiful wife and mom might have and should have been averted,” said prosecutor Lynn Nguyen. “Daniel Mena is completely accountable for robbing the Moreno family of Brenda, and I hope he spends each day of his sentence thinking about that.

This is the dreadful thing that alcohol can do to people

Police arrested a man early Monday on suspicion that he assaulted his fiance and pointed a gun at officers. No shots had been fired.

Fred A. Ballestero, 28, appeared in court Monday, and a judge set his bond at $35,000 Monday.

In 12:30 a.m. Monday, authorities reacted to the domestic violence call at the 6100 block of North Driscoll Blvd..

Ballestero had arrived home drunk, based on court records, and yelled at his fiance. He dropped down to the ground, and she caught her daughter and walked toward the bedroom. Ballestero grabbed her shoulders and arms as she had been trying to get away.

Ballestero’s fiance accumulated her other child and then locked themselves in the restroom where she called 911. She was crying and told authorities that she had been attacked.

One officer stood from the bedroom window and saw Ballestero visit the bedroom cupboard and catch a handgun. Ballestero made eye contact with the officer and pointed the gun straight at him. The officer arranged Ballestero to drop the gun, and he did, but left the area. Police then pushed the front door open and arrested Ballestero, according to court records.

Ballestero’s mother, Kathy Hildebrand, stated that he has been going through a challenging time, partly because she discovered she has cancer. She stated he has been drinking because of it.

“This is the dreadful thing that alcohol can do to people,” she explained. “This is not the kind of individual he is. I am sure he is devastated by what he has done.”

The estimate, Michael Price, decreased the bond in the county prosecutor’s recommended $50,000 to $35,000 because Ballestero has no prior criminal convictions.

Ballestero is facing fees for second-degree attack, unlawful domestic violence imprisonment and also fourth-degree domestic violence attack, according to a Spokane Police Department news release.

Miami jail inmate’s treatment questioned

A diabetic jail inmate died after being left alone and covered in his own feces for a week, said his attorney, who accused officials of failing to get medical treatment for him despite knowing of his condition.

Rodolfo Ramos, who was awaiting trial on kidnapping charges, died April 14 at a hospital, and pictures at a news conference showed his body covered by some type of bite. He was taken to the hospital March 25 from his solitary cell, where he had been for several days. Continue reading “Miami jail inmate’s treatment questioned”

Talk that inmate’s heart could beat after jolt enters debate over …

LINCOLN, Neb. (AP) – The state’s new method of electrocution, a single, sustained jolt instead of several shorter ones, could leave the condemned’s heart beating well after the shock, backers and foes of the protocol say.

The macabre image of a strapped-down inmate, possibly brain dead but with a pulsating heart, could sharpen an already tense debate as Nebraska, the only state with the electric chair as its sole means of execution, prepares to put to death its first prisoner in a decade. Continue reading “Talk that inmate’s heart could beat after jolt enters debate over …”