A high security U.S. penitentiary with an adjacent minimum security satellite camp.
Cassidy, Kennedy, Abraham, Johnson Urge Trump administration to increase staff at federal prison facilities in Louisiana

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Inmate Name Bop ID Age Race Sex Release Date
Aaron J Bryant
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37596-479 35 Black Male 03/16/2024
Aaron Fernando Osorno - Hernandez
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38979-044 39 White Male 10/30/2015
Aaron Demarco Foster
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40469-037 40 Black Male LIFE
Aaron D Johnson
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39255-007 30 Black Male 12/02/2032
Aaron Clayton Mcvea
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56860-177 31 Black Male 11/08/2026
Aaron Canas
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40982-179 44 White Male 11/22/2011
Aaron Banks
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19506-076 43 Black Male 04/10/2008
Aaron Alexande Harbert
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09777-062 36 Black Male 12/28/2007

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Email: POL/
Phone: 318-561-5300
Fax: 318-561-5391
Inmate Gender: Male Offenders
1,368 Total Inmates
1,137 Inmates at the USP
231 Inmates at the Camp
Judicial District: Western Louisiana
County: GRANT
BOP Region: South Central Region


In November 2007, inmate William Anthony Bullock was stabbed to death with a shank during an altercation with another inmate, identified as Shaun Wayne Williams. Williams had crafted the shank from a part of a cell locker. Williams, who was serving a 96-month sentence for being a felon in possession of a firearm, was convicted of voluntary manslaughter in 2009 and sentenced to an additional 15 years in prison.

Inmate Steven Prater, who was serving a 51-month sentence for being a felon in possession of a firearm, was fatally injured during a fight with another inmate on June 24, 2010. On January 18, 2010, inmate Carlton Coltrane was stabbed to death by another inmate. Coltrane’s mother told The Washington Post that her son, who was serving a sentence for bank robbery, told her several days before that there were running disputes between gangs of inmates from Louisiana and the Washington, DC area. The murders of Prater and Coltrane remain under investigation.

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  1. Jarvis D Winbush

    I was sentenced to 188mths federally and if I tell you it killed or be killed no joke when I tell you everything is gang everything from the Christian faith to the Muslims Community. All the USPS are up there.’meaning if the captain tell you to a knife asap its there no lie i was so glad when we went on lockdowns and when theres a murder we may be down from a day to a week or more it all depends who’s involved. Contact me I have info out of this world all honesty

    1. Earl

      How can I find out how someone was killed in u.s.p. pollock

      1. Kimberlee

        I am also trying to find out more Info
        About how someone died

    2. Kimberlee

      I’m looking for info on Andrew Lee White he was is Louisiana FBOP. Please eMail me at please

    3. Kimberlee

      Hey I’m looking for info on Andrew Lee White he was is Louisiana FBOP. Please eMail me at please