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Prisoner Petitions – Oklahoma (OK) Inmate List
Petition Search from October 28, 1988 to September 9, 2020
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Filed, Nature of Suit, Judge
Robert E. Cotner
James Saffle, State of Oklahoma, Bobby Boone Filed: Jan 19, 2001
# 6:2001cv00037 -
General §28:2241
Judge: Ronald A. White
Rodney Jarome Broades
Gary Gibson Filed: Jun 23, 1999
# 6:1999cv00302 -
General §28:2254
Judge: Ronald A. White
Robert Mallett‚ II
Walter Dinwiddie, Drew Edmondson Filed: Sep 25, 2007
# 5:2007cv01078 -
Habeas Corpus (General) §28:2254 Petition for Writ
Judge: Lee R. West
Ryan Forrest
Federal Bureau of Prisons Filed: May 21, 2020
# 5:2020cv00479 -
Mandamus & Other §42:1983
Judge: Jodi W Dishman, Shon T Erwin
Roscoe LarRett Morris, I
Kira Rogers, Janett Dowling, Mark Knutson, CO Harris, Tami Cartwright, Elysia D Pametieky, Dan Ross, Jolie Alongi, John Budd, Brad Puruski Filed: Feb 18, 2020
# 4:2020cv00066 -
Prisoner: Civil Rights §42:1983
Judge: John E Dowdell, Jodi F Jayne,
jury demanded by Plaintiff
Ryan Edward Offineer
USA Filed: Jan 06, 2020
# 6:2020cv00007 -
Prisoner: Vacate Sentence §28:2255
Judge: Ronald A White
Ralph Jones
Mark Knutson, Lisa Seward, Debbie Aldridge, Tisha William, Nick Collett, Oklahoma Department of Corrections Filed: Nov 26, 2019
# 6:2019cv00404 -
Prisoner: Civil Rights §42:1983
Judge: James H Payne
Richard Leslie Wooten, Richard Leslie Wooton‚ II
Joe M Allbaugh, Department of Corrections, Mark Knutson Filed: Jul 29, 2019
# 5:2019cv00693 -
Prisoner: Civil Rights §42:1983
Judge: Timothy D DeGiusti, Bernard M Jones
Roy L Bowman
Jimmy Martin Filed: Jun 13, 2019
# 5:2019cv00542 -
Habeas Corpus (General) §28:2254
Judge: Joe Heaton, Gary M Purcell
Roy Gilmore
Oklahoma County District Court, Mike Hunter Filed: Jun 03, 2020
# 5:2020cv00521 -
Habeas Corpus (General) §28:2241
Judge: Timothy D DeGiusti, Shon T Erwin
Robert Leon Dent
Wagoner County Jail, T. J. Ponds, Amanda Craig, Wagoner County Sheriff's Department Filed: Jun 22, 2020
# 6:2020cv00195 -
Prisoner: Civil Rights §42:1983
Judge: Ronald A White
Rudolpho Coyazo‚ Jr.
USA Filed: Jun 25, 2020
# 4:2020cv00305 -
Prisoner: Vacate Sentence §28:2255
Judge: Gregory K Frizzell, Jodi F Jayne
Roel Estraca‚ Jr.
Kenneth Tidwell, Tracy Burton Filed: Jun 29, 2020
# 5:2020cv00620 -
Prisoner: Civil Rights §42:1983
Judge: Charles Goodwin, Suzanne Mitchell
Richard Bob Largent
Jason Bryany Filed: Jul 15, 2020
# 5:2020cv00683 -
Habeas Corpus (General) §28:2254
Judge: Bernard Jones, Suzanne Mitchell
Ronald W Knight
Warden of James Crabtree Correctional Center Filed: Jul 27, 2020
# 5:2020cv00727 -
Habeas Corpus (General) §28:2254
Judge: Robin J Cauthron, Gary M Purcell
Ricky Louis Hunter
Luke Pettigrew Filed: Jul 28, 2020
# 4:2020cv00367 -
Habeas Corpus (General) §28:2254
Judge: Jodi F Jayne, Terence Kern
Rodney Charles McCullough
Mike Hunter Filed: Aug 05, 2020
# 5:2020cv00772 -
Habeas Corpus (General) §28:2254
Judge: Shon T Erwin, Stephen P Friot
Robert Michael Youngblood
Logan County Jail, Logan County District Court, State of Oklahoma Filed: Aug 03, 2020
# 5:2020cv00765 -
Prisoner: Civil Rights §28:1983
Judge: Charles Goodwin, Gary M Purcell
David Tamplin, Mr. Wentworth, Monika Benton, Joe Allbaugh, Mr. Lopez, Michael Wade, Brian Morris, Ms. Davis, Charlott Schmidt, Andrea Bellgard, Ms. Skelton, Anglia Barber, Mr. Tustin, Mark Knutson, Casey Briscoe, Kathreen LeFlore, David Metz, Chris Lee Filed: Jun 24, 2020
# 6:2020cv00198 -
Civil Rights: Other §42:1983
Judge: Ronald A White,
jury demanded by Plaintiff
Rickke L Green
John, Cpt FNU Garner, Jane Does 1-20, Joel Brent, John Doe, Scott Crow Filed: Aug 28, 2020
# 5:2020cv00874 -
Prisoner Petitions - Prison Conditions §42:1983
Judge: Shon T Erwin, David L Russell
Raheem La'monze Plater
Kira Tremaine, Ashley Katzinger, David Bowers, Richard West, Svenja Cooper, GEO Group Inc Individually doing business as GEO Corrections, GEO Group Inc, Ramon Reyes Filed: Aug 28, 2020
# 5:2020cv00875 -
Prisoner Petitions - Prison Conditions §42:1983
Judge: Gary M Purcell, David L Russell
Robert Joe Strange
State of Oklahoma Filed: Sep 02, 2020
# 5:2020cv00889 -
Habeas Corpus (General) §28:2254
Judge: Suzanne Mitchell, David L Russell
Robby Dean Garris
Delaware County Filed: Aug 10, 2020
# 4:2020cv00395 -
Habeas Corpus (General) §28:2241
Judge: Claire V Eagan, Frank H McCarthy
Rickey White
Kevin Bucklorth Filed: Aug 03, 2020
# 6:2020cv00262 -
Prisoner: Civil Rights §42:1983
Judge: Steven P Shreder, Ronald A White
Robert G. Groves
Sharon Harrison Filed: Sep 08, 2020
# 6:2020cv00309 -
Habeas Corpus (General) §28:2254
Judge: Kimberly E West, Ronald A White

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