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Prisoner Petitions – Missouri (MO) Inmate List
Petition Search from April 4, 1984 to July 22, 2020
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Plaintiff /
Defendant Name
Petitioner /
Respondent Name
Filed, Nature of Suit, Judge
Universal-Unison A Kingston DA GOD
Goebil, Jefferson City Correctional Center Staff, Brian Jenkins, John Doe, Jay Cassady, Stanley Keely, Bradley Lilley, Almalee Dittman, Richard Martin, John Gerke, John Does, Thomas Kelley, Layton, A Echols, Jane Doe, R L Baysinger Filed: Nov 13, 2017
# 2:2017cv04228 -
Prison Condition §42:1983
Judge: Brian C. Wimes,
jury demanded by Plaintiff
Umar Muhammad
Ronda J. Pash Filed: Jan 25, 2017
# 5:2017cv06006 -
General §28:2254
Judge: Ortrie D. Smith
Uel Joe Freeman
Major White, Ian Wallace Filed: May 26, 2015
# 1:2015cv00096 -
Civil Rights §42:1983
Judge: Abbie Crites-Leoni
Uel Joe Freeman
State of Missouri, Jeff Norman, Troy Steele Filed: May 13, 2013
# 4:2013cv00911 -
Mandamus & Other §28:1651 Petition for Writ
Judge: Catherine D. Perry
Unzell Wade
John Doe #2, Matt Sturm, Unknown Harris, Ronda Quigley, David Figueness, Jason Hess, Amanda Wilbers, John Doe #1, Denise Pack, Judy Webster, Joe Saint, R. Marian Ortbals, Dave Dormire, James Glass Filed: Sep 22, 2011
# 2:2011cv04249 -
Civil Rights §42:1983
Judge: Fernando J. Gaitan
Unzell Wade
Judy Webster, Jason Hess, John Doe #1, James Glass, Denise Pack, David Figueness, John Doe #2, Ronda Quigley, R. Marian Ortbals, Joe Saint, Amanda Wilbers, Unknown Harris, Dave Dormire, Matt Sturm Filed: Aug 31, 2011
# 4:2011cv01516 -
Civil Rights §42:1983
Judge: Carol E. Jackson
Urbane S Englin
Charles N Sharpe Filed: Feb 24, 2011
# 2:2011cv00015 -
Civil Rights §42:1983
Judge: E. Richard Webber,
jury demanded by Plaintiff
Urbane S Englin
Charles N Sharpe Filed: Jan 24, 2011
# 4:2011cv00088 -
Civil Rights §42:1983
Judge: Scott O. Wright,
jury demanded by Plaintiff
Uel Joe Freeman
Troy Steele Filed: Dec 31, 2008
# 4:2009cv00008 -
None §Federal Question
Judge: Jean C. Hamilton,
jury demanded by 28:2254 Petition for Writ of Habeas Corpus (State)
U.S. Constitution, Tyrone Hurt
United States of America, African American Women Filed: Jun 08, 2020
# 4:2020cv00775 -
Prisoner: Civil Rights §42:1983
Judge: Ronnie L White
U.S. Constitution, Tyrone Hurt
N.A.A.C.P., American Civil Liberties Union, of United States America Filed: Jun 08, 2020
# 4:2020cv00777 -
Prisoner: Civil Rights §42:1983
Judge: Nannette A Baker
U.S. Constitution, Tyrone Hurt
Mike Pence, United States of America Filed: Jun 08, 2020
# 4:2020cv00779 -
Prisoner: Civil Rights §42:1983
Judge: Stephen N Limbaugh

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