Prisoner Petitions – Kansas (KS)

The following table reflects the filings of federal prisoner petitions in all the District of Kansas

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Prisoner Petitions – Kansas (KS) Inmate List
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2012 Kansas Statutes Chapter 60 PROCEDURE, CIVIL Article 15 HABEAS CORPUS Section 60-1507 Prisoner in custody under sentence.
60-1507. Prisoner in custody under sentence. (a) Motion attacking sentence. A prisoner in custody under sentence of a court of general jurisdiction claiming the right to be released upon the ground that the sentence was imposed in violation of the constitution or laws of the United States, or the constitution or laws of the state of Kansas, or that the court was without jurisdiction to impose such sentence, or that the sentence was in excess of the maximum authorized by law, or is otherwise subject to collateral attack, may, pursuant to the time limitations imposed by subsection (f), move the court which imposed the sentence to vacate, set aside or correct the sentence.

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